She wanted black cock

She was about 5"1, small breast, nice butt. She loved having sex, she had fucked every white guy in our class at least once. Now she wanted to try something new, she wanted black dick. 

Now at our school not many black guys wanted white girls except one and that was Jamieo. He had a white girlfriend named Jessica. Jamieo was 6"5, slender, he was on the football team. Jessica loved to flaunt that Jamieo was well endowed with a 8inch long dick, it was biggeraround than a quarter. This made Jennifer very wet every time Jessica would mention it. Jennifer knew she had to get in on some of that action.

Jennifer planned how she would seduce this huge black dick. On the day of the next pep rally her and Jamieo would dismiss from the same class. She's make some excuse for him to stay behind with her, then she'd make him horny where he'd have to fuck her right then and there.

The day of the pep rally finally came, the bell rang and everyone exited. Jennifer came prepared in her mini skirt that just barley met the dress code. "Wait Jamieo I have something Jessica gave me to give you." Jamieo walked over and said "What is it?" Jennifer dug through her bookbag like she was looking for something as she waited for everyone to leave. As the last person walked out the door, Jennifer said "she wanted me to tell you there is a leak you need to fix." Jamieo responded "huh?" Jennifer pulled down her panties and took Jamieo's hand and stuck one of his big black fingers in her cunt. 

"We really shouldn't do this, we could get caught," Jamieo said. He said this as he instinctively moved his finger back and forth out of her shaved white pussy."It's ok. Everyone is going to be at the pep rally for at least an hour. I want you to fuck me with that big black dick Jessica always talks about, " Jennifer said has she pulled Jamieo's shorts down to behold his big 8 inch dick. 

"Someone is excited I see," Jennifer said as she tried to rap her hand around his massive pole and start to move it back and forth with her hand. 
Jamieo let out a moan. He took his finger out of Jennifer's cunt. "Ok little white girl, you want some big black dick you got it. Prepare to be my little white hoe." Jamieo said as grabbed his dick with one and the back her head with the other. "Get on your knees you little white bitch. You're going to take this whole thing in your mouth right now" he order. She did as she was told and he shoved all 8 inches in at once. She happily tried. She loved sucking dick, especially this big black cock. 

Jennifer gagged of course. She had deep throated before but nothing like this. He started to fuck her face as she gagged. Tears start coming down her face. He pulled his dick out and slapped her in the face with it. "What's wrong little white hoe?! You wanted my big black dick so now you got it!" He stuck his dick back down her throat and face fucked her again. She gagged everytime his dick came up and down her throat. Jamieo pulled it back out, "see I knew you couldn't handle this, but you're going to finish what you started you little white whore." "Please make me finish!" She said "I love this huge black cock! It taste so amazing!!"

Jamieo picked Jennifer on her back on one of the tables in the back. "You want this black cock in your little wet cunt? You want to be fucked with this big black dick?" She answered happily "yes I do but maybe you should but it back in my mouth! I don't know if it will fit and..." "To bad" he said as he pushed it in as far as it would go. Jennifer screamed "awwwww shit!" "You shouldn't have turned me on if you were gonna stop bitch" he held it there. "Tell me what you want me to do you horny cunt" "fuck me pleaseeee, fuck me with that big cock, ooooooooh" she begged. "Ok bitch you asked for it" he said as began humping her. "You can tell you've never had a black dick, this pussy is so tight!"

Jennifer screamed in pain at first, then her cunt started to adjust and started to feel great. "Ohhhhhh yessss, oh my goshhhhhh, fuck me fuck me, ohhhhhhhhhhhh" all of a sudden Jamieo stopped. "Why did you stop? I was just starting to enjoy it!" "Take off your shirt slut. Since you wanna be a slut I'm going to treat you like one!" She took her shirt off and he put her on the floor on all fours and started again. He put his dick back in her and grabbed her tits and started again. "I'm going to shove it in all the way" he said as he was humping her like a $2 whore. "No it won't fit!!!" He with one great thrust pushed it all the way in. "Ahhhhhhhh! I feel like it's in my stomach.ohhhhhhh" she said. "Shut up slut," he slapped her ass. "I'm almost done." "You're not gonna cum in me are you?" She asked as she was being pounded. "Yes I am slut! What good little slut doesn't want cum in her pussy!" He picked up the pace and he felt her cunt contract as she came on his dick "who gave you permission to cum bitch?!" He slapped her ass. "That just means i'm going to have to shoot my load in you. Im going to shoot all my black cum in you!" He picked up the pace, she begged "please don't cum in me! I'm not on the pill". He ignored her begging as he humped her like a stallion. 

 She was starting to cum again. She moaned "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as Jamieo said "oh fuck I'm about to cum bitch! I'm about to drop my load!" She moaned "nooooooo donttttt uggggggggg". With that Jamieo gave one last grunt and shoved his 8inch pole all the way in her again and shot his cum in her.

He pulled out as she lay there on the table still in a daze. He watched the cum run out of her pussy."We need to do this again sometime slut. Fucking Jessica has just got so old." He put back on his shorts and went to the pep rally. 

Two weeks later Jennifer got a positive pregnancy test. To be continued.....
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